Our story

We give burger aficionados the freedom to create their own bespoke burger, just how they like it, with the help of advanced technology. Each burger is made from fresh local produce and delivered to their chosen Frikadell outlet or location of choice.

How did it all start?

We couldn’t find a fast food outlet that served a good homemade burger with a crunchy bun, high-quality meat and a choice of sauces, prepared and delivered quickly giving customers ownership of the experience, so we decided to do it ourselves.

To kick-start the process we brought together a team of international chefs and some of the most innovative IT developers and challenged them to create a tech-savvy and taste-led gourmet burger concept that would revolutionise the fast food scene. After a lot of brainstorming and burger tasting, we did it, and Frikadell was brought to life.

Let’s #BurgerTogether!


Tailor made burger

Everyone can become the architect of their own perfect burger taste choosing the patty, sauce and ingredients.


The latest and most advanced technology turns into an interactive and enjoyable gaming experience when you order a Frikadell burger.

Gourmet burger concept

Frikadell, whose name is inspired from the word for hamburger, is based on components that are never up for compromise: funky and trendy design combined with handcrafted, high-quality burgers, made using locally sourced fresh products and proprietary spices.

Freshly made daily

All our products are freshly prepared daily in our stores with local ingredients.

Our menu

Scroll through our proprietary App and pick the ingredients you want to combine to create your burger.

We allow you to tailor-make your own meal and to be completely in control of the ordering process.

Download the app and order from anywhere, whether you are at home, an office, or in the outlet! Either collect the order from the counter after you get notified via the app, or use the in-built tracking system to follow your burger’s journey from preparation through to delivery. It takes just a scroll.

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Design your own burger

You can customize your appointment through the Frikadell app that comes with Google Play, and is available in all Frikadell Branches.
Application Coming Soon…