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Are you interested to open your own business, to become an entrepreneur or to introduce our gourmet burger concept to your communities? If you want to inquire about our franchise opportunities, fill out the form below and we will connect with you!

What do we offer?

  1. Frikadell offers unique and easy to scale expertise

Our expertise, efficiency and operational excellence to share. Our international expert team wil support and guide you throughout pre-opening & post-opening.

  1. Ease of learning the craft

You do not need to be an experienced restauranteur or a burger chef. We are here to walk the gourmet journey hand in hand with you and your team and to share our knowhow. Our trainers will become an extension of your team until you have mastered the burger concept.

  1. Latest tech evolution in dining

A brand new food order experience through a proprietary App engages diners in a fun and interactive process where a customer participates in the meal creation.

  1. Brand credibility

We offer partnership and are ready to share our proven successful and profitable concept with you!

  1. Incredible taste

Our secret sauce recipe will be shared with you to protect it and to become part of the Frikadell family