Frikadell 4

  • Meet the Frikadell Four

1. Tailor-made burger

At Frikadell, everyone becomes the architect of their own perfect burger taste by choosing the patty, sauce and ingredient.

2. Top Tech

Ordering a burger becomes an interactive and personalised experience, thanks to Frikadell’s cutting-edge burger-building app.

3. Local produce supporting local communities

Burgers are freshly prepared daily in each Frikadell outlet’s state-of-the-art kitchen, using locally sourced fresh products and spices.

4. Funky Gourmet burger concept

A trendy and funky design, combined with high-quality homemade burgers made daily from scratch using high quality beef, fresh produce and our secret seasoning for sauces and patties. Topped off with a freshly-baked bun, with bread options including our signature brioche, our gourmet burgers take the fast food experience to new heights.